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I'm proud to announce the public release of Lunary, a deserialization
library. It is available on its website: (mirror)

Here is a little introduction:

  Lunary is a framework to read and write structured binary data from
  and to files or network connections. The aim is to provide an easy to
  use interface to describe any complex binary format, and allow
  translation to Lua data structures. The focus is placed upon the
  binary side of the transformation, and further processing may be
  necessary to obtain the desired Lua structures. On the other hand
  Lunary should allow reading and writing of any binary format, and
  bring all the information available to the Lua side.

Everything else, including download links, is explained on the website.
To compare it to existing struct libraries, that one is intended to be
higher level (actually I use an existing struct library for some low
level serialization). It can be used to load complex binary files
several tens or hundreds of megabytes long in a single operation without

There is no versionning for the moment beyond Mercurial changeset ids
because I don't feel a need for it as a developper. Tell me if you'd
like formal versions.

Any feedback is welcome :-)