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From: Marco Antonio Abreu
Date: 5/26/2009 2:00 PM
I need to create a compacted file (zip, gzip, bzip or tar.gz) with some files inside it from a Lua script on Windows. I look for LuaZip, but it does not create zip files, only read them.
What is the best solution for my need?
The LuaPlus module vdrive does this very well. Find it at svn:// Unfortunately, it currently uses LuaPlus APIs and is not directly compatible with lua-5.1.dll. However, it shouldn't take too long to just use the Lua APIs.

It supports zip file creation, file erasing/renaming/insertion, and even lists of files provided to the ProcessFileList() function which, in turn, creates a zip with the files in the order specified. It also supports encryption, although the encryption is not compatible with Winzip.


drive = vdrive.VirtualDrive() - Create virtual drive
time = vdrive.AdjustTime_t(timeToAdjust) - Adjusts a timestamp to zip format

Drive commands:

       opened = drive:Create(fileName [, defaultPassword])
       opened = drive:Open(fileName [, defaultPassword])

vfile = drive:FileCreate(fileName, compressionMethod:0,8{compressed}, time_t fileTime)
       vfile = drive:FileOpen(fileName)
       bool ret = drive:FileErase(fileName)
       bool ret = drive:FileRename(oldFileName, newFileName)
bool ret = drive:FileInsert(srcFileName, destVirtualFileHandleName, compressionMethod:0,8{compressed}, time_t fileTime)
       bool ret = drive:FileExtract(srcVirtualFileHandleName, destFileName)


       string fileName = drive:GetFileName()
       int entryCount = drive:GetFileEntryCount()
       FileEntry fileEntry = drive:GetFileEntry(index)
       FileEntry fileEntry = drive:FindFileEntry(fileName)
               FileEntry =
                       string FileName
                       time_t TimeStamp
                       DWORD CRC
                       DWORD Offset
                       DWORD Size
                       DWORD UncompressedSize
                       DWORD CompressedSize
                       DWORD CompressionMethod
       int entryIndex = drive:GetFileEntryIndex(fileName)

File commands:

       string fileName = drive:FileGetFileName(vfile)
       long position = drive:FileGetPosition(vfile)
       drive:FileSetLength(vfile, newLength)
       long len = drive:FileGetLength(vfile)
buffer = drive:FileRead(vfile, optionalSize) If 0, the whole file reads in. drive:FileWrite(vfile, buffer, optionalSize) If 0, the whole buffer writes out.