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> The build process fails with:
>   In file included from
>       ../../../source/texk/web2c/luatexdir/lua51/ldebug.c:31:
>   /usr/include/stdio.h:653:39: error: macro "getline" passed 3
>       arguments, but takes just 2
>   make[5]: *** [liblua51_a-ldebug.o] Error 1
> It looks like this is because POSIX 2008's getline() is now exported
> by default in the newer glibc versions (as of 2.9.90, apparently).

As far as I could see, ldebuc.c does not include stdio.h. (stdio.h
appears in luaconf.h, but its inclusion is conditional to lua_c or
luaall_c being defined.) Moreover, if it included stdio.h, I guess the
error would be reversed, because Lua code always includes standard
headers before its own headers. (So, the error would be in the Lua
definition, with 2 arguments, against a predefined getline with 3

Moreover, ldebug.c:31 looks like a blank line to me. Did you change that

-- Roberto