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You might be surprised to know this is a known issue.

Agi Shi kirjoitti 24.5.2009 kello 22:07:

Thanks for all of the advice, it is greatly appreciated.

My teammate spent a full night debugging this issue.  Put your helmets
on because this will blow you away xD.

The issue was Direct3D.  Apparently, our project ran fine under
OpenGL.  However, Direct3D caused it to break given the identical Lua
code.  After his night-of-debugging (NOD), making the Direct3D device
use consistent floating point instead of fast floating points (doubles
instead of floats) fixed it.  I have no clue how this issue resulted
in "invalid key to 'next'" O_o

On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 12:43 PM, Jerome Vuarand
<> wrote:
2009/5/24 Agi Shi <>:
Hi all!  I'm nullsquared, new to the mailing list, with a bit of a
complicated situation.
This code:
Works 100% under Lua 5.0.x (paired with any recent version of luabind), but fails under Lua 5.1.4 with the runtime error message: invalid key to 'next' When sheet.update() is called, it iterates over the passed in table and creates a GUI; the table itself is only read, not modified, and it is
iterated over via standard luabind table iterators.
I cannot quite figure out why Lua 5.1.4 breaks my code, any ideas?

You should reduce your code to something shorter showing the problem.
What you pasted is just too long to find the bug visually, and it's
incomplete so we cannot run it.