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On May 20, 2009, at 4:19 PM, Doug Rogers wrote:

King, Mike wrote:
Has anyone worked on or know of a project where non-programmers would use Lua to accomplish a task? I have been given the task of creating a program where the goal is to help non-programmers setup and capture data from different sensors.

Mike, you might be interested in (the (ongoing development of) the eLua project. While you may not need an embedded solution, they have put together a set of primitive sensor-like devices.

Actually, most of the talk I've seen has been on the quite active mailing list and it seems to contain more than what has been posted to the site. Also, beware that the current release is GPL. They have mentioned a possible switch of licenses.

The next release of eLua is switching to an MIT license. The license file has not yet been changed out, but when 0.6 (waiting on documentation writing) goes out it should change. Bogdan may be able to answer why we haven't switched it yet.

I'm currently working on updating Lua-RPC to work with eLua and with Lua 5.1.4 (, which would allow for easily acquiring data on an eLua device and to return that data to a desktop instance of Lua. Currently the code is built around using internet sockets for the RPC connection, and seems to be now working between instances of desktop Lua 5.1.4. (Caveat: I have not made any official "release" of these modifications, and they probably should get more testing before casual or critical usage).

One of my intentions in adding this RPC mechanism is for use of eLua devices as sort-of "intelligent" data acquisition devices where they can house some control logic, operating independently, but also be used to acquire, log, and transmit sensor and performance data.

I can't speak for the eLua project (Bogdan Marinescu or Dado Sutter would be better to ask), but I'm personally interested in having it be friendly to both seasoned Lua/C programmers and rather inexperienced programmers who can get started without much or any prior programming knowledge.

James Snyder
Biomedical Engineering
Northwestern University
ph: (847) 448-0386

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