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A *complete* win32 binding - that is a frightening thought!

I once had the job of documenting an *extensive* (rather than *complete*)
binding (it's part of Girder - and it nearly drove me
insane. After you've documented the tenth different way of getting a window
handle and culled the MS documentation for information about which is
supposed to deprecate what and why the hell there are so many ...

In my view, it is better to re-package the API in a more sane and minimalist
way taking advantage of multiple returns, flexible parameter lists and
object orientation in Lua. You've already looked at my Grunt code which
takes this approach, but as yet to a relatively small subset of the API.

It's a matter of philosophy: some prefer to write as little C as possible
and get straight into the Lua domain (shallow binding); some (like me)
prefer to write more C against the Lua C API, to present a more structured,
Lua-friendly interface (deep binding).

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Subject: Win32 api binding

Hello Lua,

is there binding to win32 api? i've searched LuaForge but don't found
anything complete

Best regards,

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