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Asko Kauppi <> writes:
> Having re-read the mail, I realize the "microcomputer" isn't the one
> showing the graphics. Therefore, let me change my recommendation to  IUP
> / LuaGnome (though I've used neither). Cairo alone does not have  event
> handlers, which would be needed for interaction with the  graphics. If
> it were output only, Cairo itself is more than enough.

Presumably you meant lua-gtk?

("gnome" uses gtk, but is tons of extra unrelated junk on top of it; gtk
is all you need to make a fully functional app)

I can confirm that lua-gtk is an excellent and well-done package.  It's
very easy to use and works well.

[For documentation, I actually found myself using gtkmm docs, as the
lua-gtk interface seems pretty similar (basically it's a
straight-forward transformation of gtk into an object-oriented style,
e.g., eliminating redundant prefixes on names from the C interface.]

One caveat though -- when I was originally playing with lua-gtk (last
year), it was kind of tricky to build; I now use the debian lua-gtk
package, which of course makes it trivial.  I don't know if building it
from source is still hard or not...


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