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Hi guys,

Penlight is a set of pure Lua libraries designed to make some common
tasks easier and more standard. The dependencies are just lfs and
alien (if you're on Windows and want a path.copyfile that works

1) Inspired by Nick Trout's Python-like List class, there are Lua
ports of several useful Python libraries:
List,extended string methods, path operations, directory operations
(including the very useful dir.walk)

2) Support for functional programming, including Boost-style
placeholder expressions:
     f = bind(g,_1,false)

3) Some libraries for handling common file formats, like delimited
text files with headers, AWK-style field iterators and configuration
files.  There is also SIP (Simple Input Patterns) which aims to be
Regular Expressions for Dummies (which is a class I sometimes find
myself in)

Until LuaForge and I have a better day, some temporary hosting:

Find it here at:
(includes User Guide and module help)

For the merely curious:

Users Guide at:

LuaDoc help at:

steve d.