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On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 6:12 AM, Jim Whitehead II <> wrote:
> In general we may want to consider hosting an entirely separate wiki
> for GSoC this year.  The main reason I say this is part of the
> feedback we received last year was that the information was difficult
> to find and not formatted very well.  We are somewhat constrained by
> the wiki and from conversations in the past it doesn't
> seem like there is any actual plans to make any movement to one of the
> more modern packages (for a number of reasons).
> I'm not sure what domain it should fall under, but I suspect having a
> Google Summer of Code wiki linked off the main webpage,
> regardless of where it is actually hosted would be a step in the right
> direction.  Here is the "official" feedback I received that doesn't
> address this particular issue (it was later determined that most of
> this was formatting/layout/availability).

We're talking about Google here-- perhaps a Google spreadsheet is more
appropriate for the tabular data than a wiki?  Then you can take
advantage of forms (a feature for accepting new row entries),
publishing as HTML and other formats, RSS feeds, concurrent editing,