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Peter Kümmel wrote:
Mauro Iazzi wrote:
Surprisingly, Google knows very little about "cpp2xml" or "c++2xml"

* gcc-2.8.0 extension

* C++ auto docummentation project

Which one are you refering to?

neither: it is the one which bundled with lqt.
It has been developed for lqt, as a substitute for GCC-XML. We started
from a parser by Roberto Raggi, which was used in the QtJambi
You can find it in

The copy in lqt is nearly identical to that one maintained by qtscriptgenerator.
cpp2xml only uses the parser code:;a=tree;f=generator/parser

For bugs there is a googlecode site:

And to complete the chaos ;) :

- there is also a trolltech labs project:

- and a fork from the Amarok people
but I don't think they touch the parser code. The main
interest was to have CMake support for ther QtScript binding.


or in the KDE svn repository, under trunk/kdesupport/cpptoxml

the version in kdesupport has received a few portability fixes, which
I did not merge back in the original repository yet.

There is only some CMakelist.txt cosmetic, nothing critical.
But the reference code is in lqt. S


I think lqt and cpptoxml are mature enough to have a website and some
docs. Unfortunately my phd leaves me very little time to mantain the
code itself...