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> Surprisingly, Google knows very little about "cpp2xml" or "c++2xml"
> * gcc-2.8.0 extension
> * C++ auto docummentation project
> Which one are you refering to?

neither: it is the one which bundled with lqt.
It has been developed for lqt, as a substitute for GCC-XML. We started
from a parser by Roberto Raggi, which was used in the QtJambi
You can find it in
or in the KDE svn repository, under trunk/kdesupport/cpptoxml

the version in kdesupport has received a few portability fixes, which
I did not merge back in the original repository yet.

I think lqt and cpptoxml are mature enough to have a website and some
docs. Unfortunately my phd leaves me very little time to mantain the
code itself...