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It's been so long that I've touched my binding embryo that I don't even remember how far I went. One thing I remember though is that I didn't want to use glib to avoid any extra dependency. IMO a dbus binding is not a glib binding. Second thing I remember is that my linux box crashed BSOD-style while I was working on it and I let it be from then on :-).

For the record, my LuaForge project application has been approved, so now all I have to do is upload whatever code I have, for whoever is interested to tamper with (hopefully this evening). Of course any code more advanced that what I have available can get there instead. The idea is just to have the LuaForge project to organize things a bit.


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De : [] De la part de Etan Reisner
Envoyé : mercredi 14 janvier 2009 05:02
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Objet : Re: Lua binding for d-bus?

This is where I get to throw my hat in the ring and say I started working
on a libdbus binding a while back also. I got it far enough to begin to
play around with controlling pidgin (then gaim) from ion but then got
side-tracked and haven't gone back to it.

I'm not at all sure I like how I was doing it either so I kept thinking
I'd start again more cleanly at some point but haven't done that either.

The code is available at where the
-0.0.1 tarballs were 'releases' and the -vcs tarball was a snapshot of the
latest code I had (status unknown) for someone who was asking about it in
#lua a while back.

I'd love to work on a dbus module for lua again so count me in if one
wants to get started.