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Very many thanks to Rob and Shmuel for the rapid response.

I turned attention to reparation of the defaults.mak file with limited

The compiler sequence now identifies the libraries and headers (after
amending INC_LUA and LIB_LUA) with the exception of -lpcre which cannot
be recognised despite my direct pointers to it.

Despite reinstalling (compiling) pcre (from pcre source and latterly
from FreeBSD ports) no further progress could be made and the library
Lrexlib admirable though it is remains uncompiled.

Various errors have been noted the predominant one being that files
exist in an incorrect format and were not linked.  This points to
arduous examination of the linker (in this case original FreeBSD
/usr/bin/ld) or linked pointers.

I will return to examine the existing provision within the lua core for
PEGs and re.  The learning curve around existing posix/pcre regex is a
necessary must.

If there are further suggestions I will happily incorporate them and
report back to resolve the issue.  If there are dependencies which I
have missed please let me know. I regret I am not fully conversant with
this type of 'make' sequence being only familiar with using
configuration scripts in the past.

Best regards and thanks


On Fri, 09 Jan 2009 17:27:59 +0200, "Shmuel Zeigerman"
<> said:
> Dr Christopher S Kirk wrote:
> > This is a 64bit machine and some libraries/modules do not compile and
> > give rise to errors, namely rex and cgilua/lfs
> If "rex" means Lrexlib, then adding -fPIC to compilation flags may help. 
> In the file defaults.mak, add it to MYCFLAGS:
>    MYCFLAGS = -fPIC -W -Wall -g $(INC_LUA) $(INC_PCRE)
> -- 
> Shmuel
Dr Christopher S Kirk
"Lua'd by the C-side"
Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK.

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