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On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 7:40 AM, Andreas Stenius
<> wrote:
> Well, maybe not. I think the implementation of ejabberd is lacking in many
> ways, but that may be only my personal preference.
> For one, I'm trying to follow the OTP Design Principles as much as possible.
> I don't feel that ejabberd is very well organized, however I've not actually
> tried to use it, only browsed the source.

Having used ejabberd quite a bit, I can quite understand your feelings :)

> My implementation is not very likely to become working for actual use in a
> while, being home with my 16 month old son doesn't give me much time over
> with the computer ;c) But I have great plans for my jabber server, for one,
> it should be really simple to implement extensions for it, so I expect to
> have support for most XEP's not too long after I have the core functionality
> in place (in development time, not calendar time). At the moment, alot of
> time goes into learning Erlang though, slowing the whole process down a bit.

Interesting, I took the opposite approach and started a project for a
pure Lua XMPP server <>. I'm still confident that it
was a good choice, Lua having superior string handling to erlang, and
an incremental gc, etc. In just a few months we managed to get
practically on par with many of the existing servers.

In time we'll probably be looking at systems such as ConcurrentLua or
LuaLanes to get our piece of the concurrency that erlang apps enjoy.

I'm curious to know how your project goes, so do keep me updated.
Off-list, to save my habit of frequently and inadvertently steering
chatrooms and mailing list threads into technical Jabber discussions