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David Ludwig escribió:
> On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 8:41 AM, Roger Durañona Vargas <> wrote:
>> I need a Lua script to return an array of value pairs to the C host
>> application. I have been checking the docs, but I cant find the correct
>> syntax to define a table with such structure.
>> I tried table[index].member, but that was incorrect. Can somebody
>> suggest me a way to do this?
> There are a lot of different ways to do this.  Assuming that you need
> an ordered list, and that each pair contains values of unknown types,
> some of which may include duplicates, you could define the structure
> statically like so:
Well, this is an first draft of the script:

-- @param q Npc line number

local dialog = {}

if (q=="root") then
        --we insert all answers
        table.insert(dialog,{"Yes sir, Im ready!","yes"})
        table.insert(dialog,{"I really dont like you giving me
        table.insert(dialog,{"I wouldnt call it a skirmish. Was a really
bloodbath if you ask me.","middle"})
        --this is the npc line
        line="You are one of those rookies that survived yesterday's
skirmish. I have a mission for you, are you ready for more action?"
        count=3 -- how many choices we have
        return line, count, ta

    elseif (q=="no") then
         line="I really wasn't asking you. Go see the smith and get a
decent armor and sword. Then come back to me"


(it is unfineshed of course).
Basically, what I dont know now is how to get the table in the host app.
I have checked get_table documentation but cant clearly underestand how
to read all those values.

Roger D. Vargas
Gentoo Linux 2008.0, The news for game programming newbies

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