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PhiLho wrote:
> "quicker/cleaner release iterations"? Not sure that quicker releases
> would be cleaner... And do you mean current releases aren't clean?

Actually, no. I was referring to the fact that their closed development
cycle is making their releases quicker & cleaner than might otherwise
occur with an "open development" environment. Without the "committee
development" issues prevalent in alot of other open source development,
Lua is able to stick solely to the features they wish to improve -
making each release quicker to develop & cleaner in the code.

> "Outside contributions"? You can see lot of them on the Wiki... Lua
> code is small, can be built very quickly, so adding patches and
> tweaking your version isn't an issue. You can even keep the changes
> private if you wish.

The problem with the wiki patches is that alot of them are old and
unmaintained (unlike Lua itself, which is well maintained). It is not
always possible to apply the patches without inside knowledge of the Lua
engine as "corrections" may need to be made to make the patch apply
correctly. Not to mention the fact that most of these patches are not
widely tested. With no support other than "here it is - deal with it",
it is unwise to apply them without a working knowledge of Lua internals
should something go wrong...


Benjamin Tolputt
Analyst Programmer

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