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I can confirm that luainterface 1.5.3 can do it like this :

.NET host app -> Lua VM -> access other .NET assembly

The Lua VM in this case can also use standard lua C modules like luasocket or my lxyssl bindings etc.

Too bad the maintainer made the decision of managed code making the >= 2.0 VM kind of almost useless as a number of key modules like lpeg cannot be use.

--- On Wed, 12/31/08, Thomas Harning <> wrote:

> From: Thomas Harning <>
> Subject: Re: Question about LuaInterface 2.0
> To: "Lua list" <>
> Date: Wednesday, December 31, 2008, 9:45 AM
> On Dec 30, 2008, at 7:32 PM, Ignacio Burgueño wrote:
> > Robert Raschke wrote:
> >> I don't think so. At least not with quite a
> bit of elbow grease.
> >> LuaInterface runs Lua from inside .NET! (Same
> holds for LuaJava, where
> >> Lua is invoked from Java.)
> > 
> > Ok, thanks for your help. I think I'll need to
> wrap the .NET assemblies in a COM component and use LuaCOM
> to invoke that.
> It may be easier to use the older LuaInterface because it
> is not so much running inside .Net, but is compiled to the
> .net platform and not able to use normal Lua modules.
> LuaInterface < 2 was a P/Invoke-based Lua module that
> could use .Net.  Note that you would still need to have .Net
> as the 'host' application, but wrapping it w/ LuaCOM
> could be a way around this.