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Hi all,

Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
We are proud to announce that the book "Lua Programming Gems" has been
published and is now available at Amazon:

Wow, thanks for sharing this great news, and a HUGE THANKS to the entire Lua development team and the Lua community for making this happen! :-)

I'm the lead developer of my companies main product: the Ca3D-Engine, a real-time, multi-player, portable graphics and game engine. We've been using Lua for many versions now, and continue to augment the areas where we can employ it very successfully.

We're very pleased to find chapters specific to employing Lua in game programming: Right now, we already use it for map and entity scripting (i.e. gameplay, rules, NPC behaviour, etc.), for our GUI system that works both in 2D (e.g. the main menu) and 3D (e.g. in-game elevator controls), for the game engine console, for entity definitions for the editors, etc. Currently, and especially with the Lua Gems book out, we're considering changing our custom Sound and Material Shader script language to Lua as well.

In summary: When I finished reading Roberto's free sample chapter, I just ordered copies for my entire programming team, making them mandatory read, just as I did with the PiL2 as well! :-)

Many thanks for Lua, and keep up the good work!

Carsten Fuchs Software
Multi-Player, Multi-Platform, Real-Time 3D Graphics