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Mike Pall wrote:

> Any feedback welcome (especially since this is release 1.0.0 :-) ).

Yanked a copy, made a .h and threw at an existing hack 5.1.4 Lua static

Uh huh, run test, says nothing, add a Done, it says Done.

Try bench

Lua 5.1.4  Copyright (C) 1994-2008, PUC-Rio
> dofile("bitbench.lua")
loop baseline     65.4 ns
tobit            286.1 ns
bnot             282.3 ns
bor/band/bxor    415.1 ns
shifts           403.3 ns
rotates          407.3 ns
bswap            290.1 ns

XP, Watcom 1.7a, 4.3 AMD X2, slow RAM, be on one core.

Don't have 1.8 beta installed at the moment.