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On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 10:59 AM, Stefan Sandberg
<> wrote:
> I fail to see how renaming it to an hawaiian barbeque is somehow preferable,
> regardless of any dead projects.

I don't love it, but is slightly better than wombat :-/

I'm lobbying for not caring as long as you say "./configure
--enable-lua" and all the config directives are of the form

In that case, the code level name for the module is almost irrelevant.
Luau does lead to easy misspelling errors though...



> Matthew M. Burke wrote:
>> FYI,
>> It looks like mod_wombat (provides Lua scripting for Apache web server)
>> will be released as a core module (i.e.  if you download the web server,
>> you will get mod_wombat---no need to download it separately).
>> As part of this change, it is likely the module will get renamed.
>> Mod_lua is not really an option because there are several dead projects
>> with that name and it is felt that changing the name of mod_wombat to
>> mod_lua will be too confusing.  FWIW, the current lead contender is
>> mod_luau.
>> Anyway I've not had as much time to work with this module as I'd like.
>> The Google Summer of Code project involving mod_wombat never got
>> anywhere (the student had to drop out).  But if you are looking to use
>> Lua in a web context, I recommend checking it out.
>> Matt