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Hi list,

I'm trying to port my eLua project to the AVR32 architecture from Atmel. Unlike all the other eLua platforms, this one's big endian. The initial port looks OK, eLua starts just fine and I can work with it normally until right after I start the interpreter and try to do something like this:

> print('tes')
> print('test') (yes, I just added another 't' at the end)
*the system hangs here*

This seems to happen for any string of 4 or more chars, and works for any strings of 3 or less chars. 'print' works fine with numbers though.
Unfortunately I don't have the required tools to debug the code on target, and I can't make the simulator run for the life of me, so I have two questions for you:

1. did anybody out there tried (and succeeded) ro tun Lua 5.1.4 on a big endian machine?
2. do you have *any* idea what could cause a problem like this? I don't have a full test suite for the allocator, but it's Newlib's standard allocator (dl) and it should work just fine.