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On 12 Dec 2008, at 07:09, Robert Stehwien wrote:

I've got a C program that Lua could return a function to and I'd like to save that function to call later when an event occurs. What do I need to
save so I can call the function?  How do I call the function?

Something like

	lua_getfield(aLua, -1, "function");
	if (!lua_isnil(aLua, -1))
		lua_pushvalue(aLua, -1);		// Push it because luaL_ref pops
		int		fnRef = luaL_ref(aLua, LUA_REGISTRYINDEX);


	lua_rawgeti(lua, LUA_REGISTRYINDEX, m_Ref);
	int			error = lua_pcall(lua, 0, 0, - 2);

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