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We are proud to announce the first public beta release of LuaDist.

LuaDist is a cross-platform distribution of the Lua programming language that includes networked module management and deployment of source based or binary modules. Unlike projects like LuaRocks the main focus of LuaDist is full automatization and standalone deployment, including the management of external dependencies, on the Linux(UNIX), Windows and Mac platforms. LuaDist uses CMake built packages that can be used as LuaRocks .rock files (we are working on a patch) or can be built manually without LuaDist.



Currently supported systems:
	Windows-x86 - Source and Binary, MinGW built.
	Cygwin-x86 - Source and Binary.
	Darwin-uni and Darwin-i386 - Source and Binary, ppc not tested.
	Linux - Source only, tested on Ubuntu.
	Unix-like - Source only.
	modules are currently hosted at:
Current package count:
	50+ modules
	10 external dependencies

Any bug reports are welcome at:

LuaDist team.