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Tim Channon wrote:
KHMan wrote:
Andrew Gorges wrote:
Was the argument 0xFFFFFFFF originally derived from a literal?
I was using a numeric literal.  I tried the above constants and here
are the results:
Even more fascinating...

But TOBIT() appears to work fine in MinGW, I failed to reproduce the
problem with some rudimentary testing. LfW's bit.dll uses MSVCR80.dll,
so I'll leave it to others to debug this thing...

Huh! :-)

Using a different compiler under win32, no gcc, no microsoft, no msvcr80

Results are almost the same.

Fascinating, I tried the just-announced LuaDist 0.9.5/Windows-x86 (MinGW) with the bit.dll built for it, and bit.cast(0xffffffff) returned -1, bit.cast(0x80000001) returned -2147483647 and so on. Appears to work... What compiler did you use?

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia