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On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 10:00 PM, Tim Channon <> wrote:
> Matthew Wild wrote:
> It's sometimes easy to forget that a lot of people still
>> have not heard of XMPP, or even Jabber. Though that is thankfully
>> changing rapidly :)
> Maybe, is the basis of several branded items such as googletalk.

Correct, also Livejournal, Facebook, and some others are adopting it.
There was also some possible activity with AOL: (though that
server hasn't been accessible again since the day it was discovered
and slashdotted)

> Critical question: How secure is the implementation?

As I wrote in the announcement and release notes, it's still
alpha-stage, so there are likely quite some problems (at the protocol
level) remaining at the moment. We're releasing now to get more eyes
on those bugs :)

That said, we're already running it full-time in a couple of places,
though not as a primary server. A usable release isn't far away (I'll
be switching my home server to it pretty soon).