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Hi, list!

Alchemy[1] is a LLVM[2] backend from Adobe to generate Action Script
bytecode for Flash 10. It allows to compile arbitrary C/C++ code to
Flash and provides necessary C API for interaction with Action Script.

I'm interested in porting Lua to that platform.

As a quick test, I have successfully compiled Lua with Alchemy, and
executed a small Lua script in it. It works.

Have anyone went further? Next thing would be Lua console
implementation in Flash, and to run Lua test suite with it...

I have a limited experience with Flash technology, but I think that
one would have to reimplement (or remove) file, io, os and package
libraries; loadfile, dofile and print functions. This should be
possible -- even to load C modules with require (compiled with Alchemy
of course).

Even Lua to Action Script FFI should not be hard to implement (for a
subset of available language types perhaps).


[1] Alchemy --
[2] LLVM --