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On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 10:39 AM, Andrew Wilson wrote:
> If a binary library module already exists it can generally just be
> added to the Lua for Windows package. If only source exists and we've
> got to compile the library module we've been hesitant to do this
> because it implies ownership of binary which implies maintenance of
> said library etc etc. So if you've got a binary module you want
> included in L4W, that makes it much easier/quicker to add in L4W
> package.

I think the better approach in the long term (not to say that both
approaches can't be used in parallel) is to maintain some script that
would allow anyone to quickly build all of the LfW modules from source
in one shot, such as by using the LuaRocks build system as a backend
and adding rockspecs for those modules that currently don't have one.
That assumes a certain maturity in LuaRocks Windows support.  I
started checking on that some months ago but got diverted to other

BTW, I think the Python interface[1] could be a great addition to LfW
(you gain all the Python libraries by installing a Windows Python