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Just a note to inform that LuaGL is now smoothly integrated inside rubyk (multi-media patcher / It's a very nice tool to play with openGL since animation updates live as you edit the scripts in your favorite text editor.

Rubyk only compiles on Mac OS X for the moment. To compile on windows/ Linux, adapting the makefile should make it work (I will try this in the following months).

For LuaGL to work on Mac OS X (with C++), I had to fix some details:

1. fix a couple of function definitions, return values (details)
2. move all the headers inside LuaGL.h (so they can be wrapped inside extern "C")
3. add an "ifdef" for Mac OS X openGL header files

I also added two GLU utilities:

1. gluOrtho2D
2. gluPerspective

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