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On Mon, 27 Oct 2008 17:18:56 +0530
<> wrote:

> Hi Lua users,
> I am in the process of porting lua sockets into our VxWork
> environment.  We are already using Lua version 5.1.2 and I am trying
> to port the LuaSocket 2.0.2. 
> I observed the LuaSocket's src directory holding some lua files like
> (socket.lua, httpd.lua ..etc). Any body please let me know the
> purpose of these files?  Are they required by the lua interpreter to
> work with lua sockets? 

Have you looked at them?  I seem to recall that they're just layers of
API over what LuaSocket provides, to do things like give you
nicer APIs for using specific protocols.  I can't actually check,
because LuaForge is down again, but I suspect it's harmless to leave
them out, and if it isn't, you'll discover that very quickly by just

> Please do not print this email unless it is absolutely necessary. 

I shall print it out a thousand times!  Muhahahaha! :)