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Title: Re: Why cann't capture the stdout

Hello Andy.Tao,

Hi Andy!

Not answering your question, but just a hint: probably you can consider usage of io.write() instead of print? 

Regards, Dennis

Hi gus,

I have meet a trouble, does anyone could help me? 

I embeded lua in my MFC program, and create pipe to receive lua stdout text, it can receive error message but print, why? code context is:

1. Create Pipe: CreatePipe(&PipeRead, &PipeWrite, NULL, 0)

2. Assign pipe write handle to stdout and stderr:

_dup2(_open_osfhandle(PipeRead, _O_TEXT), 1)

_dup2(_open_osfhandle(PipeRead, _O_TEXT), 2)

3. Create thread to read pipe read handle

4. Execute lua code which contain statement: print and error

5. It can receive statement(error) message but print

thanks in advanced!


Andy Tao[陶祖洪]




Best regards,