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You might want to take a look here:

A quick answer to your questions:

1. yes, it is possible to stuff it in 128k of RAM
2. 16K of RAM is indeed a very hard limit, and currently this might
not be possible. I do have a Lua patch in the works aimed specifically
at reducing the Lua RAM footprint, but it's not ready yet (althogh the
results look very promising). Unfortunately I can't give you a proper
estimation for the patch release date. It won't be part of the next
eLua release, that's for sure, as it's way too "young".


On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 3:49 PM, Tim Eccles <> wrote:
> I have a little embedded robot-style system where the control program does
> simple stuff like "turn left if sensor_1 and sensor_2." The micro is an ARM
> with 128K of flash ROM and 16 of RAM, almost all free.
> I would like to be able to send the control program as a Lua script - the
> most friendly solution. So the question is whether a useful amount of Lua
> could be shoehorned into the ROM/RAM.
> I would guess that a reasonable subset of the language will fit into 128K,
> but would the 16K RAM limit be an insoluble problem?