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"Lanes intends to provide 'the' solution for running Lua multithreaded, making maximum use of current multicore CPUs. The Lua level APIs are simple and there's no C side messing involved. Lua Lanes requires Lua 5.1."

2.0.1 contains the following bugfixes:

CHANGE 7 (bug fix) AKa 15-Oct-2008:
Recursive functions that use themselves as direct upvalue can now be
    passed to other lanes, and used as a lane function.

CHANGE 6 (bug fix) AKa 15-Oct-2008:
Added local caches of the following to src/lanes.lua (was otherwise getting
    errors at least in 'tests/irayo_recursive.lua').

		local assert= assert
		local string_gmatch= assert( string.gmatch )
		local select= assert( select )
		local type= assert( type )
		local pairs= assert( pairs )
		local tostring= assert( tostring )
		local error= assert( error )
		local setmetatable= assert( setmetatable )
		local rawget= assert( rawget )

This release should work on OS X PowerPC/Intel, Linux x86/64 and Windows 32. Test reports are welcome.