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Stefan Sandberg wrote:

> What exactly was that contest? :)  (and did the design of the
> 'device' win, or the code?)

The contest was to write software for a new device.  A portable linux server, with a built-in biometric thumbprint scanner.  It connected to a host PC via USB, and once up and running implemented an ethernet interface over USB.

My project ended up winning first prize and consisted of two components.  A host side server (windows based) and a command line client on the linux side which would send commands (Lua code, among others) to the host side to executed.  The goal for my project was to tighten up integration be the windows host and the linux server.  This allowed all sorts of things.  Like picking up a host file and storing it on the linux server or executing Lua code on the host.  

The linux server presented an X Windows interface to the device via the Host's keyboard, monitor, and mouse.  By setting up menu and/or panel items in the X interface which would call to the command line client piece - tighter integration was achieved.

The project can be found here:

Documentation is included.  Its two parts, a linux client and a windows server.

The Windows side was written in Borland's C++ Builder 5 - but everything but the GUI should be pretty portable.