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Bogdan Marinescu wrote:
Would that be something in range of AVR32 or PIC32? They look mighty interesting for projects needing less than an ARM, but I've always wondered if a garbage-collecting runtime is suitable for such MCUs... Some of those USB/Ethernet-integrated versions are so attractive if we can Lua-script, but those lower-end ones like PIC18 would probably need some kind of fixed allocation scheme.

Yes, AVR32/PIC32 are very likely targets. And
<shameless_self_promotion> the upcoming eLua version will have TCP/IP
support, implemented on a MCU with 64k of RAM

Very nice. :-)

Has anyone run Lua with garbage collection with this kind of memory for a serious application, or does the embedded h/w developer carefully check to make sure that the app does not run out of memory?

It depends on how you define a "serious application", but I probably
never tried one. However, segregated allocators seem to handle memory
fragmentation quite well, so I think you can do garbage collection
with them (or maybe fragmentation was not your concern?)

My interest is mainly casual, so it's mostly a curiosity question. I'm more interested in interfacing, specifically with USB, since parallel ports are disappearing fast. So I keep in touch somewhat. There's a nice level of integration these days -- single-chip USB and single-chip Ethernet...

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia