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David Manura wrote:

Some notes on plain Cygwin builds are now collected in[1].

On the same topic, it would be nice if someone were to maintain a
Cygwin package for Lua.  There are Cygwin packages for Perl, Python,
Ruby, OCaml, Guile/clisp, Prolog, gcc, etc., but not Lua.  Though it's
easy enough to build from source, the same reasons apply as for the
Debian packages of Lua[3].

That's precisely why I'm asking this. I don't have a formal request
in yet to maintain Lua for them, but I want to be prepared to
know how much work it is and also to have a build framework
that I can live with.

? There's a couple of ways to build Lua under Cygwin, as described
above.  Readline support is preferred.  You'd generally want shared
library support.  You will want to by default link against the Cygwin
DLL/CRT.  Ideally, this distribution would include LuaRocks for
building modules against the Cygwin DLL/CRT.

That would mean fixing up a lot of the LuaRocks rockspecs...

It might also be nice for such a package to provide an alternative
build against MinGW (msvcrt.dll) like "gcc -mno-cygwin" (e.g. maybe
/usr/bin/lua and /usr/bin/lua-mingw)' as also noted in [1], or
possibly even the MSVC++2005/2008 CRT to support LuaBinaries modules.

-mno-cygwin is going away with Cygwin 1.7 - they will release a separate
build of gcc for mingw builds.

  A framework for building modules for all three CRT's under Cygwin
with LuaRocks is discussed in the links in [2].  There were concerns
with the original design, but I haven't gotten around to it recently
to propose any alternative.

Thanks for the links David - I'll look at them carefully.

My initial desire is to build the following libraries along
with Lua:


Are there other must-have libraries that are worth including in a Cygwin
Lua package?