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Ben Kelly wrote:
Ralph Hempel wrote:
Is there any desire (or benefit) to having a Cygwin target in
the main Lua makefiles?

There are just enough differences between Cygwin, linux, generic
and mingw to make it seem worthwhile...


In my experience, "make generic", "make ansi", "make posix" and "make
linux" all work without modification on cygwin (although for "linux"
you'll need to have readline and whatnot installed - they're in the
cygwin packages but I forget if they're installed by default).

How would a cygwin target differ from these?

I'm not sure that they build lua as a dll that can be used for
linking against other libraries such as LuaFilesystem, LuaSQL, and

The make install does not handle the dll correctly, as far as I can
tell under cygwin.

I really don't want to reinvent the wheel, but I've been fighting
with a consistent build structure for a Lua development environment
for a while now and I'm not entirely satisfied with anything.

At this point, I think the right approach (for me anyways) is to
build from source under cygwin using slightly modified makefiles
and then have a separate install script that cherry picks the resulting
objects, exes, dlls, docs, etc and populates the cygwin tree