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Tim Channon wrote:

I'm struggling with a language where I have no mental model, rather too
abstract for me. Part of what I am trying to work towards is use a
technique I think I last used in modula where it is trivially easy. This
would be a dynamically decorated trie where the leaves are executable,
data driven.

The idea of mental model is important! I used FORTH for many years, to
the point where juggling stack frames in my head became second nature.

When I started programming in C 20 years ago, having FORTH and assembler
and linker experience allowed me to mentally model pointers and data
structures in physical memory.

Moving to a new language requires a new mental model, and Lua is no
different. Keep at it, and eventually the light will come on and
burn brightly.

The point though is it can be dynamically altered. (at that point the
brain hurts)

It gets worse as you get older :-)