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Dirk Feytons wrote:

>> xx=tagclass:new("kindp", "argp", "bodyp")
> This is syntactic sugar for
>, "kindp", "argp", "bodyp")
> You have to call your new() like a regular function:
>"kindp", "argp", "bodyp")

Ah, thanks. Looks like I've been caught again by shorthand. :-)

I'm struggling with a language where I have no mental model, rather too
abstract for me. Part of what I am trying to work towards is use a
technique I think I last used in modula where it is trivially easy. This
would be a dynamically decorated trie where the leaves are executable,
data driven.

This is most easily explained by example: might be a patricia trie which
can be runtime fed with t4 fax huffman codes and routines. T4 data can
then be walked into the trie and the leaves executed, decoding the fax.
In practice this proved faster executing than commercial assembler
decoders, which was a surprise.

Lua obviously would be much slower but that doesn't matter. (especially
as computers are slightly faster many years later)

The point though is it can be dynamically altered. (at that point the
brain hurts)