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Hello everyone,

I read another post on this list from about 7 years ago, but it didn't
do much to answer my questions, and Lua has since changed licenses.
Allow me to explain my situation:

I'm writing a game with some friends.  The engine (in C++) is under
the GPLv3, because we like the idea of our free code staying free.  And,
to admit some arrogance, we don't want our game getting stolen.

The game embeds a Lua interpreter.  Utility and general Lua code (code
that would apply to any game) is also under the GPL.  Again, free code
staying free.  Code specific to our game (story and the like) and
models/art are under a Creative Commons license.  Specifically this

We don't want people taking our ideas and exploiting them.  We're
okay with people using them, as long as they ask first.  Hence the CC

The code will also likely contain changes to the Lua interpreter; we
haven't done this yet, but I can see it happening in the future.  It is
my intention to release the changes under the MIT license to allow the
Lua community to fully benefit.

Does anyone see any inherent problems with the way we're doing things?
We're pretty set on keeping the C++ side GPL, but I'm more than willing
to make the non-CC Lua MIT licensed.

Rob Hoelz