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Sometime on 9/14/2008, Veli-Pekka T?til? <> wrote:
My question is, why isn't the tree control IUP uses in Win32 native and are there any work-arounds? Personally, this is an accessibility problem and quite a show stopper at that. I've tested some other controls, too, and fortunately the basics like edit fields, buttons and message boxes appear to
work natively, however.

I've been using IUP since version 2.5 or so. My understanding is that among the significant changes due for version 3.0 is that the tree control will be based on the native Windows control. You might peek at the CVS in the IUP 3.0 tree, but do be aware that building it yourself from sources has some dependencies on its companion projects CD and IM...

Outside of the accessibility issues you raise (which I will freely admit that I haven't paid much attention to myself) I have found IUP to be quite powerful. My first serious experiment with Lua was to build a test harness for an embedded system. It was based on about 1500 lines of C implementing bindings to parts of the Windows serial port API, and about 1500 lines of Lua gluing those bindings to IUP. Coming from some past history with TeX's boxes and glue layout style, I had little trouble with IUP. Given its natural use of anonymous functions as event handlers and natural mapping of controls as nearly table-like userdata, it seems to fit well with what I understand to be the Lua way.

Ross Berteig                     
Cheshire Engineering Corp.