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On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 11:55 AM, KHMan <> wrote:
Andrew Wilson wrote:
Yes, exactly. We also figured Linux distributions are already covered
by including Lua packages directly. It would also be nice to have a
Lua for Mac distribution too, but my Mac background is limited. Andrew

The size of the current Win32 distro is a bit worrying, though. python-2.5.2.msi is 10.8MB, Lua_v5.1.4.18.exe is 12.8MB.

I think this is just the nature of an all inclusive install. Python is not an all inclusive install. If you want wxPython it is another 9.21MB. If you want OpenGL support that is another download. Plus if you wanted wxPython docs and examples that is another download. The list goes on... So keep that in mind when thinking about size. I am not going to be shamed by Python. But that is me. Plus we have examples and documentation for nearly all libraries.
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