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Hi guys,

The complications of the various VS runtimes have been the object of
discussion recently, so I've tried to get VS2005 to build against
MSVCRT.dll, using a minimal CRT startup written by Matt Pietrek.  This
is a useful strategy to get the results of a good compiler without the
 crazy runtime dependencies; it started with me following up the idea
that a new runtime would be a good thing, but man, msvcrt has got most
of the goodies already.There were naturally a number of obscure issues
to track down, apart from the ones I already had identified (e.g. it
will complain about '_difftime64' not being found, etc)

Just managed to get a functioning Lua build using this setup . If
anybody's interested, I'll post a makefile and the minimal setup code
needed to get this going.

steve d.