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Alternative page with same video (found via reply to the message I
linked in my previous post):

And here you can find the slides used in the presentation:

2008/9/7 Mark Meijer <>:
> I've found Roberto's presentation about this to be very informative
> (he also explains blind greedy etc). Check out the video:
> 2008/9/6 Wesley Smith <>:
>> Hi list,
>> I'm brushing up on LPEG, trying some things out and wrapping my head
>> around this whole thing.  I'm currently going through the docs and "A
>> Text Pattern-Matching Tool based on Parsing Expression Grammars"
>> paper.  What's tripping me up is some of the terminology that's
>> currently a bit fuzzy to me.  If there's a good resource for getting a
>> handle on the basic, terminology-wise, I'd love to know about it.
>> Specifically, what does a phrase like "blind greedy repetition" mean?
>> I understand greedy to mean look for a mach until there are no more,
>> but blind is a bit of mystery.  Any info appreciated.
>> thanks,
>> wes