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From: Fabio Mascarenhas
Date: 9/3/2008 9:55 PM
Joshua, could you explain what you use the type "cfunction" for? Maybe
I can overload one of the current types (pointer or callback) to do
what it does, instead of adding yet another one... and what about the
changes to struct (the "I" format and the extra parameter to userdata
I wanted to get around to cleaning the 'cfunction' up, and that's why I hadn't submitted a patch yet. As I recall, the situation was thus: A C function required a C callback. The C function was made available via Alien, and the C callback was made available via Alien. However, I couldn't hand the Alien-provided C callback function off as a parameter to the C function.

I can provide the exact example tomorrow for both the callback and the reason (or possibly, non-reason) for the 'I' format parameter.

I'm also not happy about the positioning of the additional 'pos' argument for the struct.unpack. It should, as the original struct calls work, exist before the buffer size.

(I also don't like passing the buffer size along... is there a reason it can't be obtained via lua_objlen()?)