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Chris wrote:
> Depends on the benchmarks used I think.  I have been running through
> some of the benchmarks from the language shootout (both the simple
> ones from the pre-Debian era and the new ones) and V8 is considerably
> faster than even LuaJIT in all of them that I have tried (2x to 4x
> faster for the most part it seems).  I'm testing using the base V8
> shell in Linux though, how did you run your tests?

Not surprising. The benchmark is very crude --- go look at for the details; it's an old copy of whetstone.c
translated into the target language via my compiler. There's no attempt
to use language idiom features at all.

OTOH, because the generated code works precisely the same way for every
target language, it does give us a semi-plausible figure for relative
speed of differing languages.

/doh: I just remembered that I ran the benchmark using the stock v8
build (yes, I'm using the command line shell) which, I think, has some
logging turned on. I'll have another look later and see if there are any
debug features I can turn off.

David Given