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Javier Guerra wrote:
> nice to know where are some JS implementations relative to Lua.  also,
> i thought SpiderMonkey was the new JIT-able from Mozilla... or am i
> mixing names?  the other datapoints i'd like to know are squirrelfish,
> and 'regular' firefox JS (or is that SpiderMonkey?).

SpiderMonkey here is 1.7.0, which I *think* is the version used in FF3.
I'm running the benchmarks on Ubuntu Heron which unfortunately has a
buggy version of xulrunner that won't let me use the built-in Javascript
shell, so I can't been sure.

SquirrelFish doesn't seem to be usable yet --- certainly, last time I
looked I couldn't find any actual source code.

Point of information: I've just found that kjs, the engine used in
Konqueror, has a command line shell; it doesn't work well enough to use
in Clue's benchmarks, but appears to get a score of 0.6!

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