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Ross Berteig wrote:
> For self-contained applications, I find MinGW along with their port of
> Gnu Make  to be the right balance of programmer-friendly old-school
> building with broad compatibility over all 32-bit Windows platforms for
> the generated executables. Add MSYS and you can often get OSS libraries
> to just ./configure && make without many issues.

It's worth mentioning that MingW is also portable; I've got a Windows
build of WordGrinder in the pipeline that's primarily cross-compiled
from Linux, winres and all --- and the *same* pmfile will build the same
binary on Windows with cygwin.

> However, getting MinGW to properly link against MSVCR80.DLL (or any of
> the newer MS CRT flavors) remains a bit of a pain.

I had absolutely no trouble with this --- I just compiled it and it
worked. There don't even seem to be any dependencies on the MingW
runtime DLL. I'm not well up on Windows toolchains, so I could well be
making a static executable, but the entire program comes out as a single
266kB binary --- and that includes a Lua interpreter and 5600 lines of
Lua bytecode embedded in it.

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