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The Lanes rock issue may be simply an extra 'src/' at the dll path; *nix systems place the output at src/ but I think VC++ (make-vc.cmd) places it at the project root.

Would you please check if that is the case, and we'll revise the rock.

I do *not* test LuaRocks on Windows platform. I do test Lanes itself, though, both VC++ and MSYS.

This kind of quality leaks should not be allowed to get through LR; there should be an automated process to catch them (check that every rock is buildable and usable on every platform it states it is). Otherwise, this won't be the last time glitches get all the way to users. :)


build= {
 -- Win32 (Visual C++) uses 'make-vc.cmd' for building
    platforms= {
        windows= {
            type= "command",
            build_command= "make-vc.cmd",
            install= {
                lua = { "src/lanes.lua" },
lib = { "src/lua51-lanes.dll" } -- <-- Try without the 'src/'

Mark Meijer kirjoitti 28.8.2008 kello 12:26:

- LuaLanes appears to be compiling successfully (aside from a few
harmless-looking warnings), but when compiling is done it doesn't seem
to find the .dll that should have been produced.