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Thanks all for your replies.

2008/8/28 Ralph Hempel <>:
> This is why I've been trying to update rockspecs for module builds that
> only specify the source required to build the rocks. So far I've got
> the three rocks I use the most - lfs, luasocket, and luasql - built
> using the updated rockspec.

I didn't find LuaSQL in the default luarocks repository, but
LuaFileSystem and LuaSocket installed smoothly. If that is thanks to
you, then thanks a bunch :-) I use those a lot as well.

2008/8/29 David Manura <>:
> It depends what type of compatibility you're looking for.  Cygwin provides the
> most UNIX-y environment in Windows, though still not fully compatible with Linux
> sources.  MinGW/MSYS is more native.

I'm not looking to turn my Windows development environment into
Unix-like one, I'd just like a compiler that sticks to standards a bit
better than MSVS. Though it certainly would be a big plus if it's able
to compile (or make it more easy to port) stuff that assumes *nix,
which a lot of OSS does. Also I've found cygwin to be a bit cumbersome
to work with. Although last time I installed it is quite a while ago
(couple of years?), and as Ralph said, things are being done to
improve that. But hence my leaning towards MinGW :-)

- Cheers