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Thanks for the comments!

> I noticed that search feature on the Sputnik main site
> does not seem to work. I tried to search for Lua then lua and got no
> hits at all.

This was a bug in the search plugin.  It's fixed now.  But this
reminded me that I never "released" the search plugin as a rock.  Here
it is:

To enable Google Ajax search on Sputnik, do this:

1. Install the plugin:

--only-from= install

2. Get an API key for Google AjaxSearch from

3. Set the parameter SEARCH_API_KEY to this key.

Note that Sputnik generates a sitemap file (.../sitemap.xml), which
you can give to Google, potentially improving coverage.

As we were just discussing on the Sputnik list, I realize that Google
search has many downsides (not always up to date, doesn't work on your
intranet, etc) and I am definitely up for adding local search.  If
there were a good search system with Lua bindings, integrating it into
Sputnik would be the next item on my todo list.  Unfortunately, there
isn't any that I know of and I can't afford to start working on one
myself at the moment...

- yuri